Separator displays a horizontal line on the page for dividing sections of content.

Social Sharing adds Facebook and Pinterest share links to the page. It is often included in page headers or footers.

Embed PDF Viewer to display PDF file’s stored in the DAM on the page.

Embed allows a third-party widget to be added to a page. Media can be added from a supported URL, a pre-configured embeddable or with safe freeform HTML.

Content Fragment List allows the display of a list of content fragments on a page. Useful for authoring headless content that can be easily consumed by applications.

Content Fragment allows a content fragment asset, its elements and variations to be presented on a page.

Experience Fragment allows an experience fragment variation to be presented on a page.

List can be used to display a list of pages. They can be defined either dynamically – by search query, tags or from a parent page – or as a static list of items.

Download allows linking to an asset for download. Optionally displays a title, description, metadata and a download action.