Space-Rocket CloudZilla Portfolio Item


Year 2016



Cloudzilla is a well-funded San Francisco-based startup company. Their mission is simple: to revolutionize the way consumers discover and engage with mobile applications. The team at Cloudzilla has quite the track record of entrepreneurial successes and they are highly technical and dynamic.
So how is this stealth company changing the world of mobile app technology? They’ve developed a patented app streaming technology that spans across multiple areas, including:

  • Android AOSP
  • Linux Kernel
  • Rendering
  • Video/audio encoding
  • Low-latency streaming
  • Cloud computing
  • Web services
  • HTML5

Needing someone who would work well in their fast-paced environment, Cloudzilla was looking for a software development company that was equally committed to quality and agility to create a mini-site. Cloudzilla connected with Space-Rocket via LinkedIn Profinder primarily for the purpose of developing a mini-site that was in sync with the product offerings in terms of style and functionality.
As a leading provider of WordPress alternatives and custom software development, Space-Rocket was up for the challenge and delivered an intuitive mobile-responsive mini-site that featured hand-drawn illustrations from iPad-Pro that matched the branding message of the company. Cloudzilla gave Space-Rocket the following recommendation:
“Michael helped us with our web design and development for a company website. He delivered on time and with high quality and met our specific needs. I’d recommend him to others.”
Want to experience the future of mobile app play? Head over to Cloudzilla’s mini-site to learn more today.