Space-Rocket eBay Portfolio Item


Year 2019


Web Development

Shoppers who are looking for a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience when buying furniture, art, antiques, and designs on eBay have been visiting eBay Collective ever since its launch in 2016.

What exactly is eBay Collective? It’s another type of eBay that provides a premium experience by bringing together collectables and antiques. The cutting-edge interface of the website uses eBay’s Corrigan acquisition for its infamous “Shop the Look” technology. This allows users to match inventory with other featured items on the site.

So, what’s the eBay Collective Blog? This is where eBay publishes articles from interior designers and other well-known publications in the architecture design industry. Some of the content on this site includes articles such as How to Style a White Wall and Travel For Design Lovers.

eBay contracted an agency who hired Space-Rocket to build this content management system, the eBay Collective Blog. On the homepage, you will see featured posts as well as a full-width banner and the three most recent posts appear as large thumbnails that highlight the aesthetics in the images for the blogs, which is a big part of what eBay Collective is all about.

As a custom software development company, Space-Rocket specializes in WordPress alternatives. This eBay Collective Blog is a prime example of a site build that uses utility-based CSS styling with Bootstrap 4 and Sass.

For an additional two years, Space-Rocket continued to work on custom software development sites for eBay.

Also known as the Conversation Piece, the eBay Collective Blog is a great place to read stories that will inspire you to do a full makeover of your own living space and may even tempt you to use eBay Collective to score some amazing antiques and interior design pieces.