PLOS - Non Profit WordPress Multisite


Year 2015


Multisite Network

“Openness Inspires Innovation.” That’s the opening statement on the PLOS Blogs About Us page, and what a true statement it is. PLOS Blogs is a nonprofit Open-Access publisher and an innovative advocacy organization. Their mission is to “advance progress in science and medicine by leading a transformation in research communication.”

PLOS Blogs believes that OPEN is the mindset that best represents scientific values. By providing an open access platform, they are collectively bringing together scientists to share their work and widely spread this information fast in order to benefit society. As a company, they believe that:

  • Research should be freely available
  • Work is best judged by its own merit
  • Data-supporting conclusions should be accessible
  • The future is an investment that requires advancements in science and medicine
  • Properly executed science deserves publication

As an organization set out to provide open access to a large community of scientists who would be able to upload their research in the fields of science and medicine to one place, it was crucial to have this massive content management system built by a leading custom software development company. That company was Space-Rocket.

Space-Rocket was contracted by PLOS Blogs to develop a massive WordPress multisite that included more than 50 blogs. They needed a complex content management system that fluidly integrated content across multiple blogs – and Space-Rocket was prepared to take on the custom software project.

The finished product included a mobile responsive WordPress multisite that allowed users to upload their research seamlessly on a platform that intelligently merged the cross-over information. This content management system also featured homepage queries from these 50+ different blogs which allowed users to access a huge database of information and still find exactly what they needed, fast and efficiently. User experience was kept at the front of mind from a build and design aspect, and Space-Rocket developed a nested flyout menu that linked to taxonomies of blogs across the multi-site network, and a multi-tenant-based subdirectory.

To learn more about PLOS Blogs or to access the latest developments in the fields of science and medicine, head over to their site and have a look around.