Space-Rocket QuanticMind Portfolio Item


Year 2018


Custom WordPress Theme

In a quest to help digital marketers improve their ROI, QuanticMind was founded in 2011 by NexTag alumni and digital marketing pioneers. The founders knew that there was a better way to scale, manage and optimize performance marketing. How was this group going to meet these ambitious goals? With Artificial Intelligence (AI).

That’s right. QuanticMind developed a way to use AI to improve PPC campaigns. AI-powered bidding algorithms are a way to leverage machine learning to consistently improve the results of your SEM programs and achieve better business outcomes. As the industry’s first bid-management platform, QuanticMind uses data from its proprietary machine learning to increase online engagement for advertising programs. There are many benefits to enjoy from QuanticMind, including:

  • Unify your data. You can ingest data from any source.
  • Best-in-Class bid optimization. You can cut out the busy work and focus on strategy.
  • Streamline publisher management. You can manage all your campaigns across publishers from one source.
  • Optimize your campaigns with machine learning. This system has been built to utilize groundbreaking bidding strategies, including profit maximization.

As a company on a mission to change online advertising, when it comes to their own in-house development and optimization, they only work with cutting edge marketing agencies. Therefore, they chose Space-Rocket to help them with their custom software development.

QuanticMind contracted Space-Rocket to complete WordPress theme development from Zeppelin design files. Part of this site-build included a customized WordPress Gutenberg block library that features re-usable blocks that can be used by the company to develop landing page microsites.

All the custom software development work completed by Space-Rocket for QuanticMind featured utility-based CSS style with the most popular framework, Bootstrap 4, and the most useful CSS extension, Sass.

If you want to improve results on your PPC campaigns, join the digital marketing revolution when you work with QuanticMind.